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Menage with the Muse Ménage with the Muse  is available now! Book 3 of Demon Rock takes the legend of the Muse further than any of the demons could’ve imagined. We met wild drummer Wolfgang in Heavy Metal Heart, now meet rocker Mia and the solitary demon guitarist Ethan. What kind of music will the three of them make together?

Slam Dance With the Devil

Book Two of the Demon Rock series, Slam Dance with the Devil is available now.

Kent Gaol’s past as a demon is deep and dark. Nona Harris, the investigator hired by mysterious clients to track him, has no idea what she’ll find when she pries into his world. And he has no idea how powerful she can become once the dangerous attraction between them becomes too hard to resist.

More info, buy links, and an excerpt from Chapter One are on the book’s page.

Heavy Metal Heart

Heavy Metal Heart is now available as an e-book and audio book. This is my first paranormal romance, as well as book one of my Demon Rock series. It’s a hot one. Rock stars are sexy. Satyr rock stars are very sexy. Check out the book’s page for more info on the near-immortal demon rock stars and the Muses who inspire them. You can also see some of Trevor Sand’s lyrics here. And for a peek into into the LA rock radio scene on the day leading up to the book’s story, the video trailer is here.

Meanwhile, book two is in the works and has a tentative release date of March, 2014. So keep the rock and roll cranked up, because we’re just getting started.

Demon Rock
SUMMER, 2013: Demon Rock, my brand new paranormal romance series comes from Carina Press in fall of 2013.  Enter the erotic world of nearly immortal rock and rollers and the Muses who inspire them.  Raw and raunchy, there’s plenty of heat, action and adventure.  So crank up the amp, tune the guitar and get ready to rock.

WINTER, 2012: We’re in the thick of winter, but there’s still plenty of fire to keep you warm.  If you’ve ever wondered what superheros did when they weren’t wearing their skin-tight suits, check out IRONHEART, as part of the Holding Out for a Hero superhero anthology from Entangled.

And if you’re looking for some steampunk adventure, my two westerns NIGHT OF FIRE and NIGHTS OF STEEL are available now.  They’re part of the Ether Chronicles, written with my wife, Zoë Archer, who spins tales around the rest of the globe.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new project that’s an exciting departure for me.  I can’t give out details yet, but I can say that it burns with raw heat.